Kate Winslet's Baby Bump Makes Her Look More Beautiful Than Ever (PHOTO)

Kate WinsletAfter seeing Kate Winslet show off her baby bump on the red carpet for the premiere of her new film, Labor Day, at the 2013 Toronto Film Festival -- it's easy to see that she's over-the-moon about having baby number three with her husband Ned Rocknroll.

I mean, just look at her -- she's glowing to the point where she looks like she's about to lift right off that red carpet and fly up into the heavens or something equally as dramatic and unexpected.

Yes, I'm fully aware that she had a professional makeup team to make her look all gussied up before the event, but she's omitting way more radiance than even the best tinted moisturizers and bronzers on the market can provide.


I can't believe I'm actually going to say this, but I really think Kate's baby bump makes her look more gorgeous than she has in years. Yes, she always looks great -- but pregnancy certainly seems to agree with her and even improves her looks, which is something not many women can pull off.

I know I sure as hell couldn't when I was expecting my son. OMG. I swear I didn't even recognize myself at times. I was just so thick, swollen, and exhausted -- which showed in my face in the form of dark circles and eye bags. Not a pretty sight.

But Kate? Sheesh! She's never looked better, and that baby bump is the most beautiful accessory she's ever worn on the red carpet for sure. And I have to say it -- check out those boobs! Damn. Pregnancy definitely has its perks.

At this rate, maybe she should go ahead and start thinking about adding baby number four into the mix so she can keep on reaping the benefits of having a bun in the oven. It looks so good on her, it would be a shame for her to let all that beauty go to waste!

Do you feel more beautiful pregnant than before you conceived?


Image via Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty

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