'DWTS' Star Jack Osbourne & Wife's Miscarriage Couldn't Be Kept Private, But That's Not Necessarily a Bad Thing

Jack Osbourne Lisa StellyDancing With the Stars Season 17 cast member Jack Osbourne and his wife have lost their baby boy -- and words can't express how saddened we all are for them. The news broke yesterday that Lisa Stelly suffered a devastating late term miscarriage last week. She was in the second trimester of her pregnancy.

Lisa posted the announcement on her blog, Raddestmom.com -- and the level of grief both she and Jack are feeling is evident in her words, as you can only imagine.


Here's what she had to say:

I have been dreading this announcement…. I needed some time before being able to say it. Jack and I lost our baby boy last week. Having a late term miscarriage is by far the hardest thing either of us have ever had to go through. We appreciate all of your prayers and ask for privacy and respect during this time. It’s important to stay hopeful and optimistic through life’s toughest moments. We never know why things like this happen. All we can do is trust in God and know he has a plan for our lives.

Jack & Lisa

My heart sank after I read her entry -- and I can't even being to imagine the sense of loss that the two of them are experiencing right now.

And it was so brave of them to share their heartbreaking news with the public -- especially by releasing their own statement, rather than having a family representative speak for them instead. Since they are a high profile couple, it would've been impossible to keep the news to themselves, but hopefully by sharing it with fans, it will help them heal.

I've never had a miscarriage, but something tells me if I ever did, I wouldn't be able to hide what I was going through. I'm fairly certain I'd want to share the news even though it would be incredibly painful to talk about -- because I think bottling it up inside would make it harder for me to grieve.

I think it would only make things harder to keep the loss private -- all while having your family and friends not understand why you seem so sad, closed off, or just noticeably different. At least if they know what you are going through, they can support you and be there to listen, let you cry on their shoulder, and offer words of comfort and encouragement.

My heart and prayers go out to Jack and Lisa, and I only hope they can find some sort of peace during this horrible time.

Would you share the news of a miscarriage or keep it private?


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