Angelina Jolie's Thumbsucking 5-Year-Old Is No Big Deal

thumbsucking kidYou would think thumbsucking is the kid equivalent to being caught abusing drugs. People get crazy when they see an "older" kid sucking their thumb. I think we need to relax. We have to remember that when we see anyone doing anything, it's just a snapshot in time. We can't assume when we see Angelina Jolie's 5-year-old Vivienne sucking her thumb in a photo that she does it all throughout the day. Maybe she was just doing it for that moment. We don't have to call the dental police or start contributing to a orthodontic fund posthaste.

I think it's no big deal and one thing Angelina Jolie and I have in common. Our kids suck their thumbs and we're not on the phone with thumbsuckers anonymous freaking out about it.


I feel like there are so many bigger things to worry about in this life and my kid sucking her thumb isn't one of them. And no I don't want my daughter to have orthodontic problems down the line, but for right now my nearly 4-year-old is quite soothed from a little thumbsucking. She doesn't do it all day long. It's mostly when she tired -- she does it right before a nap or at bedtime. Maybe that's what was going on with Angelina's daughter Vivienne. She was tired. She had her blankie and her thumb and instead of throwing a tantrum or being cranky or crying, she has a way to soothe herself that doesn't involve having a whiskey on the rocks ... because we all know that's not acceptable for kids. If a little thumbsucking takes the edge off, then so be it. And so what if Vivienne is 5. She's still a kid. A kid with a habit that isn't life-threatening. Thank goodness.

Our dentist has told my daughter to work on not sucking her thumb anymore and we do talk about her kicking the habit often, but she's just not fully ready. She's close. The habit isn't as bad as it was last year, so I know in a few more months it will be less, and then less and then maybe next year it won't even be an issue. Until then, I live with it. And I'm not worried or complaining about it. Unless you want to talk about the smell of my kid's thumb after she sucks on it for a while. That smell is downright awful.

What do you think of Vivienne sucking her thumb at 5? Is your kid a thumbsucker? Or you concerned?


Image via Amanda Kumm/Flickr

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