Kate Middleton Working on Losing the Baby Weight -- Is She Nuts?

kate middletonDid you catch those photos of Kate Middleton in skinny jeans at her first official public appearance? Considering how slim she was through her pregnancy, it's no surprise at all to see her looking pretty much back to her pre-pregnancy size, as far as we can tell. But here's the bananas part: According to an insider, Kate Middleton is "working on getting her slender figure back ... she wants to get back into shape." Um. Okay. Someone please tell me, is there another definition for the words "slender" and "back" that I don't know about? Because slender is already here.

Psst, Kate. Can we chat a moment? Come here. Close. Really close so I can whisper in your ear.


YOU! ARE! ALREADY! SLENDER! Maybe the scale is telling you that you weigh more now than you did before your pregnancy. First of all, why do you even own a scale? Throw that thing away. You don't need it. Secondly, chill out, lady. It's only been five weeks. If you're active and you're breastfeeding, you'll lose those Snuffleupagus imaginary pregnancy pounds we can't see, no problem. And if you don't? They'll probably drop after you stop breastfeeding, because that's how it works for some moms.

But most of all, don't get all crazy-crazy neurotic over your weight. Not now. This is a great time to cultivate a healthy self-image. I know you're in the public eye all the time, and there will always be assholes who take a microscope to your thighs and yelp gleefully if you so much as gain an ounce. You need to learn how to tune them out. More importantly, you need to tune out that inner voice that's always telling you you're not thin enough. Because I know, thin girls get dysmorphia.

But hey, getting back into your fitness routine, eating healthy, that's fantastic. Just please, promise us to go easy on yourself. Do what comes naturally for your body, in your own time. And enjoy that little baby.

Do you think there's too much pressure to lose weight quickly after having a baby?


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