Gwen Stefani Pregnant With Baby #3 -- at 43!

Gwen StefaniWell, it looks like the Hollywood baby boom isn't slowing down any time soon! Gwen Stefani is reportedly pregnant with her third child with husband Gavin Rossdale. A source told Us Weekly "it's very new and they just found out," so it sounds like it's still fairly early in the pregnancy.

Since Gwen's two sons, Kingston and Zuma, are 7 and 5, respectively -- she should have two very good little helpers on her hands once their baby brother or sister arrives.

And while pregnancy news is always exciting no matter who the expectant celeb mom is, Gwen's new bun in the oven is definitely cause for celebration, considering she's 43 years old.


I don't know what exactly it is about the number 40, but I think a lot of women assume that their childbearing days are over once they hit that milestone. Something about it just seems so ... final. That's why we have to give Gwen major props for not giving up on her dream of having another baby even though she's "over the hill."

Back in 2012, she told Marie Claire that she "really, really wanted" a third -- but "it didn't work out." She could've easily just thrown in the towel and assumed that two was her magic number and that she was officially done. It's just so awesome that she still went for it -- and now her dream of expanding her brood is coming true!

Women around her age who are seriously considering having another baby but think they're being unrealistic should use her as a source of inspiration and as a great example of the whole "age is only a number" philosophy.

I mean, who says we have to put a limit on when women can and can't have kids simply based on the number of birthdays they've had? Just look at Gwen in the photo above -- she's absolutely beaming! Any time moms are thinking "their time is over," all they need to do is take a look back at that pic and see the happiness on Gwen's face to know that if having a baby is in their heart -- nothing should stop them from trying.

HUGE congrats to Gwen and her family!

Do you have a "cut-off" age as far as getting pregnant goes?


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