Jessica Simpson Shares First Pic of Adorable Baby Boy Ace Knute (PHOTO)

Jessica SimpsonDamn. After seeing the first photo of Jessica Simpson's baby Ace Knute on the cover of Us Weekly, it's obvious that she has a talent for baby making. And I don't mean the actual act itself (that's none of my business, of course). I'm referring to the offspring that comes as a result of said baby making. Does she pop out some ridiculously gorgeous kids or what?

Um, just look at that adorable little boy! He's got his famous mom's signature pouty lip just like his big sister Maxwell -- who is equally as breathtaking as her new little sibling.


Seriously, people -- Jess and her baby daddy Eric Johnson must have some really amazing genes, given the stunning result they got twice by combining them.

Who else thinks she should go ahead and have a couple more kiddos as soon as possible? (Raises hand.)

And honestly, I doubt anyone would be the least bit shocked if Jessica did turn up preggo again sometime within the next year or two. Even though she told Us Weekly that having two pregnancies so close together was tough and she "feels in her heart that she's done," she also added, "... obviously accidents do happen."

Yes -- yes, they do.

It will almost be a shame if Jess doesn't add to her brood down the road, but it's totally understandable that she feels like she has her hands full right now. Something tells me life gets a little hectic with a 15-month-old and a 2-month-old at home, so it's probably not a bad plan for her to lay off the procreation thing for a little while.

But even though she's super busy with her little ones, it really sounds like Jessica has taken to parenthood easily. It's clear from that huge smile on her face that she absolutely loves being a mom. 

Hopefully she won't be shy about sharing more photos of her mini-me tots from here on out -- they're way too cute to keep under wraps!

What do you think of baby Ace?


Image via Us Weekly

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