'Teen Mom 2' Leah Messer Deals With More Potentially Devastating News About Ali

Teen MomThe one thing Leah Messer Calvert of Teen Mom 2 fame always said about her daughter Ali when she was going through all of her struggles was that she just wanted her to be able to walk. Now, it seems, according to Radar, that dream may never come true. Four-year-old Ali's health has deteriorated so rapidly that it seems she may need a wheelchair soon. Heartbreaking doesn't even begin to cover it.

Obviously, as parents, we can't control much in terms of what we get with our kids. We love them no matter what. And I am sure Leah will do that. But still, this can't be easy news. She and her ex-husband Corey Simms spent enormous amounts of time, money, and effort to help Ali meet their dream. And now she may not.


To learn your child will have a much more difficult life than the one you had hoped is just heart-wrenching. Leah and Corey's tweets further prove that they did receive this devastating news. Leah said via Twitter:

Angry is how I feel... No explanation. I hope this is your will god and someday you can give me an explanation.

and then:

This is happening, is it real? I can wake up from this nightmare at anytime now!

And finally:

After purchasing our first home together and now moving for the reasons we are is hard to adjust to, but I know it is best for our family!

Her pain is obvious and who can blame her? Ali can still have a full and productive life, but that doesn't mean Leah can't grieve the loss of what she hoped. Her other daughters will be able to walk and run and play sports and things will be harder for Ali. It won't be the life Leah worked hard to give her.

It's unclear what disease Ali had, even from watching the show, but clearly it has not gone the way they hoped it would from all her therapy and doctor's appointments.

No matter how much we love our kids, things can't always work out the way we want them to. Still, that fact isn't terribly comforting when dealing with news like this. I am sure in 10 years, Leah will be accustomed to it and she won't see life having gone any other way. But in the now, this is painful and I feel for her.

Leah is a good mom and she will continue to be that for Ali. Even as her heart breaks. In the end, that's the most important thing.

Do you think Leah is justified in being so upset?


Image via MTV

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