Reese Witherspoon Bottle Feeds Her Baby -- Somebody Call the Parenting Cops! (PHOTO)

bottleUh-oh -- yet another celebrity mom has made another celebrity mom boo-boo and now odds are good she's going to get torn to shreds for it. While vacationing in the Bahamas, Reese Witherspoon relaxed poolside with a baby bottle on the side of her lounge chair, and she posted this photo to WhoSay.

And while the bottle itself may not have initially caught people's attention, the caption she posted to Twitter with the link to the photo is bound to rattle a few cages: "The only way to parent. #Bahamamama"


Ugh. So you know most people are going to assume Reese was insinuating that bottle feeding is the best way to parent with her comment, which is totally not what I think she was trying to say.

I think she was simply thrilled to be spending some down time with her family in such a beautiful setting and was saying that hanging out by the pool in the Bahamas was the only way to parent -- because it's totally stress-free and wonderful. (Anyone who thinks that situation isn't ideal has probably never been to the Bahamas.)

I mean, take a good look at the photo -- who wouldn't want to parent their kid there? I'm assuming it's some sort of swanky private villa, and I know I'd find it much easier to deal with sleepless nights and diaper changes in a serene setting like that.

But if by some chance she was referring to the bottle as the best way to parent -- more power to her. Her baby, Tennessee, is 11 months old. He's almost at the point where he's ready to transition to regular milk anyway, so it shouldn't be a big deal if she's not breastfeeding. Actually, whether or not Reese breastfeeds her baby shouldn't be an issue regardless of his age, because that's her decision and no one else's.

Whatever Reese was talking about when she said "the only way to parent," all I know is that I wouldn't mind trading places with her right about now. Chilling in the islands sounds a whole lot more appealing than getting ready to do the back-to-school routine in the northeast.

Are you offended by Reese's post?


Image via Reese Witherspoon via WhoSay

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