'Bachelor' Juan Pablo Galavis's Love for His Little Girl Helped Him Steal the Show

Juan pablo and camilaBachelor Nation cannot wait for January, because as we well know, that's when we'll finally get to see Juan Pablo (aka "JuanPabs") Galavis return to our small screens as the next Bachelor! You're fanning yourself at the thought, I know. At this point, it really does seem like there never could have been a question in producers' minds that JuanPabs would be the go-to man for the gig. Of all of Desiree Hartsock's men on The Bachelorette, he was by FAR the most unconditionally beloved. That's exactly why Juan Pablo didn't have much competition for the job. "He was the obvious pick," an insider tells Wetpaint.

But something else definitely helped him seal the deal: The fact that he's a single dad -- and not just any one at that!


He's a single dad who is genuinely interested and actively involved in being a parent to his 4-year-old daughter Camila. His devotion to her is obvious and was as much even in the short time he commanded the spotlight on Des's season. By comparison, you could tell fellow single dad Ben Scott was a phony ... and in the history of the show, there have definitely been other guys who've sold out their kid to stand out on the show, which is beyond disgraceful and just plain sad. Still, the insider explained:

The show has had great luck with single dads. Whether it’s been in the Bachelor role like Jason Mesnick or as contestants like Tony Pieper or Ben Scott -- they’ve made real impressions on the viewers.

Impressions can be both heinous and impressive, though, and JuanPabs definitely falls into the latter category! The man has already said -- and showed us -- time and time again that he is truly interested in finding love with a woman who could make a wonderful stepmom for Camila. No wonder he was always head and shoulders above the rest. As far as attractive, authentic single fathers in the history of The Bachelor go, JuanPabs takes the cake!

Do you think Juan Pablo is the most genuine single dad in Bachelor history? How do you feel about the fact that it helped him score the gig?

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