Jenelle Evans’ Son Needs Surgery, But Who's Taking Him to the Hospital?

jenelle evans jaceDid you catch the scary rumor about Janelle Evans' son Jace getting surgery? The rumors are true ... well, sort of. First of all, the surgery hasn't happened yet. Last night Jenelle confirmed Jace is getting surgery on Thursday. And it's not as serious as it sounds, either. Jenelle tweeted, "his surgery for his ear tubes is scheduled this week on Thursday when my mom has the day off."

This is a common procedure many kids get done. It's usually outpatient, so Jace won't have to stay overnight. The procedure usually takes just 15 minutes, though you do have to go under anesthesia for it.


Ear tubes are a way to treat kids who get frequent ear infections due to fluids building up in the ear. The tube is placed in the middle ear to create an air passage, so fluids won't accumulate behind the eardrum. After six months to a year or so, the tubes just fall out, and the holes close on their own (though not always). I remember my sister had tubes put in her ears when she was about Jace's age.

But what is this about getting Jace's ear tubes when Jenelle's mother has the day off? I guess since grandma has custody, she's the one who has to take Jace for the surgery. He's probably on her insurance plan, and she would be the one to take care of the paperwork. Jenelle didn't say if she's coming along, too, that I could see. But we'd hope she would be there for her son. I think if you're getting surgery, even if it's something minor like this, you'd want to look back and remember that your mother was there with you.

Have any of your kids gotten ear tubes?


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