Fergie Throws Herself a Baby Shower (& She's Already Had 2!)

FergieI think it's safe to say that Fergie is excited about the impending arrival of her son. This weekend she attended yet another baby shower to celebrate the big event, and that makes three.

Her first two showers were thrown by friends. There was a "gayby shower" thrown by her gay best friends on July 28 filled with stars, drag queens, and fun for all. Then on August 11, she attended a smaller, more intimate celebration with members of the Black Eyed Peas and others.

The third one, held this past weekend, was thrown by a most unexpected party -- Fergie herself.


According to Us Weekly, she invited close friends to the celebration at Petit Ermitage in West Hollywood Saturday. Guests enjoyed a sit-down dinner, drinks, and a photo booth. One thing that was drastically different from both of her other showers -- there were no celebrities there. Other than dad-to-be, Josh Duhamel, there were no big names at all. It sounds like it was lovely, and Fergie looked gorgeous in this picture she tweeted with the caption "earth mommy."

Is three baby showers overkill? In some cases maybe, but for many moms-to-be, there are multiple showers. Family wants to throw one, and co-workers another. There are neighbors and college friends and others from various aspects of our lives who all want to celebrate the baby's arrival ... if we're lucky. Rather than having one huge blowout, sometimes smaller events are more intimate and special. And well, she is Fergie.

Also, while I'm sure it goes against every etiquette book out there, I love that Fergie also threw her own shower. She has the money to buy whatever the baby needs, so it obviously wasn't about raking in the gifts. It seems more like a genuine expression of her excitement to become a mother and wanting to share it with the people in her life. Good for her, and if she wants to have four more baby showers, then so be it.

Do you think three is too many baby showers? How many did you/will you have?


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