Pregnant Singer Fergie Makes a Major Change Just in Time for Baby

Fergie Duhamel Josh DuhamelIt's official. Stacy Ann Ferguson is now Fergie Duhamel. The pregnant Black Eyed Peas' singer's name change was completed late this week, and in the nick of time. Fergie and husband Josh Duhamel are expecting their first baby, reportedly a son, in September.

Now Mom, Dad, and Baby Duhamel will all have the same last name!


Stacy, er, Fergie, has said there were numerous reasons for her name change, not least among them the fact that no one actually calls her Stacy anymore. But switching to her husband's last name after all this time -- the couple has been married since 2009 -- takes on special meaning now that they're expecting a baby together.

It's by no means a requirement that everyone in the family share the same last name, but more than a few mothers I know who opted to keep their maiden names or who weren't married at the time of their child's birth have said they've encountered hassles because of the difference in surnames.

Do you share the same last name as your baby?


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