Jessica Simpson's Making Her Post-Baby Weight Loss Much Harder Than It Has to Be

jessica simpsonEven before giving birth to her first child, MaxwellJessica Simpson was under the microscope for her fluctuating weight. Of course Weight Watchers was supposed to be the magic bullet to getting back to her pre-pregnancy weight -- and even lower -- but then she got pregnant with baby Ace. And now, the poor thing is reportedly "feels really, really frustrated" with her weight loss this second time around.

A source tells OK! magazine that Jess is struggling because she "would just rather play with her kids than work out. She feels really guilty whenever she leaves them." Aww! Sounds like she could use some reassurance that it would be completely FINE to put all that pressure to have the perfect post-baby body on the backburner for now and focus on the joy of being a mom to little Max and Ace.


She's lucky that she has a lovely fiance who sounds really supportive ... The source said, "[Eric] tells her to stop putting so much pressure on herself. He says that they can work out together, cook together, and the weight will drop right off." But I'm sure she's still hearing static from others about how she needs to drop X pounds ASAP, and she has to get to the gym, etc. But who could blame Jess for wanting to be with her kids than at the gym? 

Ultimately, what's really more important? Freaking out about the scale or being happy? Feeling fulfilled because you're in a certain jeans size or because you were able to hang with your kids at the park on a sunny summer afternoon?

Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying Jess -- or any woman -- has to choose one or the other! Of course you can have both -- ultimately. But when it comes to losing weight, you do have to make a conscious decision about how aggressive you want to be and what sacrifices you're willing to make for faster, more major results. And right now, it sounds like Jess should give herself a break and not worry about the numbers or the timing so much as her kids' and her own well-being.

Hey, furthermore, spending time with the kids could be a workout in itself. Especially now that she's got a toddler and a baby at the same time -- oof, talk about a workout!

What advice would you give Jessica or any woman frustrated by her post-baby weight loss?


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