Eddie Cibrian & LeAnn Rimes Put His Kids Above Their Fame

brandi glanvilleWord is, Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes plan to hire young actors to play his children in their upcoming reality show. That would, of course, require a very loose definition of the term "reality show." Those reports, however, turned out to be false. In fact, they don't plan to feature the children at all. Which can only lead us to one conclusion: Eddie may be a more principled parent than his ex Brandi Glanville.


First, I should say I like Brandi. As far as I'm concerned, Eddie is clearly the bad guy in their messy, headline-grabbing breakup. He cheated, after all. However, this latest move by Eddie redeems him a bit. Apparently, he and LeAnn are against the boys being on TV at all and have issues with them appearing on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Parenting points go to LeAnn and Eddie on this one. Protecting their kids from the prying, ever-present reality TV cameras shows that they are putting the boys first. They are too young to choose to be in front of the camera -- that is clearly something Brandi has allowed. One day, they may be horrified by what was captured on camera.

I remember one of the first times they appeared on Real Housewives, Brandi was letting one of them pee outside at a party. Now, while I wouldn't have let my child do that at someone's swank mansion, the act itself isn't a big deal. What is a problem is that Brandi allowed her son on camera possibly knowing that her ex didn't want him to be. They are both parents and both should be on board for this. I know seeing them is necessary for her reality show “character” of the jilted mom of two. But is it the best thing for her kids? Probably not. Overall, Brandi is a wonderful, loving mom. And Eddie and LeAnn may be lousy cheaters, but at least they are putting their kids above fame.

What do you think of Eddie's decision not to film his kids?


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