Teresa Giudice's Kids Are Lucky to Have Melissa Gorga as Their Aunt (PHOTO)

melissa gorgaWe all probably took it with a grain of salt when Melissa Gorga said she had Teresa Giudice's back while Tre is in the throes of being charged with 39 counts of fraud. It seemed kind of like a generic statement, a statement maybe even made to make Melissa herself look good. But as it turns out, she's not lying. Melissa tweeted a photo of all the cousins together -- as in her kids and Teresa's -- on Wednesday at her daughter Antonia's birthday party. Good move, Melissa. Ditching your mom-to-four sis-in-law would be no bueno at a time like this. And the kids need each other more than ever right now.


I can't imagine there's zero animosity whatsoever between Melissa and Teresa right now, as when is there ever zero animosity between these two women? But fighting with each other, and making things even more stressful for Teresa and her four daughters, would be a terrible thing to do right now. What Teresa and Joe did was wrong, but her children shouldn't have to pay for their parents' mistakes. And even though she acts like it's all "love, love, love" on the outside, I'm sure there's a big part of Teresa that's scared she's going to be taken away from her kids. We certainly don't need to support her right now, but her family ought to. Wouldn't you be there for yours?

And then there's the issue of if Teresa and Joe do both wind up going to jail -- who's going to watch their children? I'm sure they've got a legal guardian figured out (and I'm sure it's Teresa's parents), but it would be horrible if in the midst of something so traumatizing for the Giudice girls, they didn't have their aunt and uncle to turn to either.

All in all, this is a really crap situation for Teresa and Joe's kids to be in. One that's probably made a little bit easier by spending time with their cousins. Nice to see that, for once, Teresa and Melissa have done the mature thing and put their kids first. But let's see how long this lasts.

Do you think Teresa and Melissa will go back to fighting?

Image via Melissa Gorga/Instagram

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