Parents Outraged Over Ke$ha Concert Never Should've Brought Their Kids in the First Place

KeshaA group of parents who took their kids to a Ke$ha concert last Friday are all bent out of shape -- no, make that horrified and appalled at the lewd behavior the singer engaged in on stage throughout the show.

Complaints from parents range from being disgusted that she "made reference to her genitalia and sex acts" to being shocked that she gave the crowd the middle finger and "dropped f-bombs" during her performance.

And all I can say is, how in the heck did these parents not realize that they were attending a Ke$ha concert -- not a One Direction, Taylor Swift, or some other squeaky-clean perfectly kid-appropriate act? Don't they have the slightest idea who Ke$ha is?!?


The woman claims to have had sex with a ghost, for crying out loud -- so it's not like anyone should expect any of her concerts to be on the tame side. Did I mention she also has a line of jewelry shaped like penises? (Um, hello?)

I know these parents were probably only trying to do something fun and special for their kids, but I'm sorry -- they're just plain irresponsible if you ask me. Many of them are upset because the concert was open to all ages, and they feel like that served as some sort of indication that Ke$ha's performance would be like some kind of Disney show. But duh, of course it was open to all ages -- because musicians tend to like to sell as many tickets as possible. Also, the concert was held at a casino and they wanted to make it clear that people under the legal gambling age could attend.

But regardless of that, it's not the job of the concert venue to decide what is and is not acceptable for children to see -- that's the parents' job.

And any mom or dad who is planning on bringing their child to a concert needs to a.) listen to the music first and know who they are dealing with, and b.) do a little research on the performer if they don't have time to sit down and listen to their music.

Sounds easy enough, right?

I know exactly what kind of music my son is a fan of, and while it's all pretty innocent at this point, I know his tastes will change as he gets older. And there's no way I'm letting him go to a concert without knowing exactly what types of songs and/or behavior he's likely to see at the show.

These parents have no business complaining about something that was completely in their control had they only made it a point to pay a little more attention. If nothing else, hopefully this will make them more aware of just how important it is to monitor the type of music their kids are listening to and choose concerts accordingly from here on out.

Would you ever taken your child to a Ke$ha concert?


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