Football Star Watches His Baby Being Born -- Via FaceTime!

brandon carrIt's gotta be one of the biggest fears for moms-to-be with partners who travel a lot for work: What if daddy isn't around on the big day? That must have been how Dallas Cowboys cornerback Brandon Carr's fiancée was feeling when Carr shipped out for the Hall of Fame game in Canton, Ohio, early Monday morning -- especially when she went into labor after he was already gone! But technology -- FaceTime in particular -- to the rescue: When Carr got word, he simply whipped out his iPhone and, within minutes, made a virtual appearance at the birth of his son, Austin! Says Carr:

"I saw everything I needed to see. I saw it all. Technology is wonderful these days. Sometimes you can't control what's going to happen. You've just got to go with the flow. I made the most of it."

Pretty amazing, right? Although, one does have to wonder ... 


Did Carr's fiancée miss having her babydaddy in the delivery room for real? I would assume so, though I guess FaceTime is better than no time at all. Plus, Carr was able to make it back to his fiancée's bedside almost immediately, missing two days of practice in the process:

"No sleep at all, but I wouldn't want it any other way. It was a good feeling to be there and actually see your first son. I'm still trying to gather my thoughts and bring it all in. The last two days have been good. It's a blessed feeling."

FaceTime or real time, the important thing, of course, is that little Austin is happy and healthy. Congratulations, Brandon and family!


How would you feel if your partner could only attend your baby's birth via FaceTime? 


Image via Cyron/Flickr

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