'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham May Get a Custody Fight Thanks to Her Bad Behavior

IFarrah Abrahamt's been a long time since Teen Mom Farrah Abraham has been in the news for any maternal reasons. The teen mother turned porn star turned God knows what has been in the headlines a whole lot, but more for bikini mishaps, flirtations turned ugly with Charlie Sheen, and party antics than for motherhood. All of this has the mother of her ex (and Sophia's father) come forward saying she would like to get custody.

This is not the first time Stormie Clark has been in the picture. Derek Underwood's mother played a minor role in Sophia's life from time to time on the show and did at one point fight for custody or some legal role in Sophia's life. She lost. The reality is, given some of the things Farrah has said about her son, she might not be the best maternal role model either.

She does make a good point, though. Farrah isn't being the best mother she could be right now.


It's hard to see it exactly given the fact that, ultimately, the money Farrah makes from her antics WILL benefit Sophia. But money is a cold comfort when your mother is doing God knows what in an attempt to better her "career."

The truth is, Farrah isn't a celebrity. She is making money as a train wreck who people are enjoying mocking. For now. In a few years, she won't even be that. If she were taking the money, investing it in Sophia's future, and then planning on some kind of sustainable career, then fine. But that doesn't seem like her direction here.

Being a good mom means being there. Now obviously, some moms work. But most of them don't work in high profile jobs where their main stock and trade is their body and their insanity. Farrah is a laughingstock and she is kidding herself if she doesn't think that will affect Sophia.

Now, would her paternal grandmother be better for her? It's doubtful. But at least she is raising a valid point. Farrah needs to straighten up her act and fast. She is the only parent that little girl has.

Do you think Farrah is a bad mom?


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