Penelope Cruz Gives Baby Gorgeous Name With Hauntingly Beautiful Meaning

penelope cruz

Remember that time Penelope Cruz gave birth to a baby girl the same day Kate Middleton gave birth to a baby boy? That was awesome! Two celeb births in one day, one of which we had no clue about! And while the world has had their collective eye zeroed in on Kate and baby George Alexander Louis, Penelope has been basking in some much-loved private time with her daughter.

Oh, and hey, did you hear? Penelope picked a name for her baby! And it's absolutely, positively awesome.


Keeping things in the two-syllable "L" family, Penelope and husband Javier Bardem decided to name their baby girl Luna, which means "moon" in Spanish. Love it. Love the name, love the meaning, and love that it goes perfectly with big brother's name, which is Leo. Luna and Leo. Doesn't get much more adorable than that.

The babe's full name is Luna Encinas Cruz, being that Encinas is Bardem's paternal surname. What a beautiful name for what's sure to be a beautiful baby. Can't wait to get a glimpse of that cutie. And can't wait to start hearing about all how, suddenly, "Luna" has moved up 900 spaces on the popular baby name list. That is one lovely name, and others are sure to follow suit.

Do you like the name Luna?


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