Tamra Barney's Reluctance to Have a Baby With Her Husband Can Only Mean One Thing

tamra barneyNow that Real Housewife of OC Tamra Barney has married her prince, Eddie Judge, it's time to spit out a new baby, right? Not so fast! Tamra is giving Eddie a year to decide if he wants her to have his baby. "If he really, really thinks he needs a baby" in the next year, Tamra says, she'll think about it. But he can't take forever to decide. "I'm not going to be 70 years old and going to [drop the kids off] at preschool. I'm not doing it."

Yeah, it's a good thing Tamra is giving Eddie a time limit since the baby factory can't stay open forever. But it's also a good thing they're not exactly rushing into making another baby, either. I'm not so sure it's a great idea for these two to reproduce together.


Tamra already has three kids from her previous marriage, there's the dog, plus Eddie is five years younger than she is (and I guess that makes him feel like a fourth kid?), and there's the family business. And then Tamra goes on to describe how not fun she is during pregnancy. Hemorrhoids are mentioned ... "I don't need to go through the nine months," Eddie says. So surrogacy? Adoption? They're on the table, but probably not seriously.

Watch the video and it kind of sounds like Tamra is saying "NO" to having another baby without actually saying the word. But any new couple in their position would be wise to think a while before adding a whole new human being to their family. They still have to adjust and get used to each other as a blended family. They have to make sure the marriage is stable enough to last.

Oh yeah, about that marriage. We're not even convinced this is the real deal for these two, or if Tamra's wedding was just a phony baloney publicity stunt. I mean, why are these two even having this conversation at all? (Because someone asked them.) It's kind of ridiculous.

How long do you think new couples in blended families should wait before trying to add to their family?


Image via Bravo

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