Pregnant Megan Fox Is a Smart Mom to Have Her Kids So Close Together

Megan FoxJust a scant 10 months after giving birth to her first son, actress Megan Fox and her husband, actor Brian Austin Green, have announced that they are expecting baby number two. The due date is unclear, but one thing is clear: Fox loves motherhood so much, she's doing it again pretty quickly!

The fact that Fox is announcing this pregnancy publicly suggests to me that she is fairly far along. She has been notoriously private about her situation and even kept her baby's birth a secret for THREE weeks (an eternity in Hollywood).

Fox has talked a lot about motherhood and the myriad ways it has changed her, softened her, and made her a better person. But she will be surprised how much harder two are, especially this close together.


My baby was 9 months old when I found out I was expecting number two. Now, six years later, they are adorable and best friends (when they aren't trying to kill one another) and I wouldn't have it any other way. But wow, it was a long road.

Having babies close together is wonderful. Down the line. But in the first year or so, it's all hands on deck craziness. I wish Fox and Green the best of luck (and I am sure they will have nannies), but even with a fleet of help, it's still not easy. Two babies are still two babies.

My guess is Fox (like me) loved motherhood so much and got blessed with an easy baby, so she thought: Why not try this again?! Maybe she will be blessed with a second easy baby. I wasn't. My son wasn't hard, per se. But he was harder than my daughter. And two are just hard in general.

Still, it's worth it in the end. Having them close together means they are playmates for life. They have a companion all the time -- on vacations, on long car rides, during our big move to our new house. They take comfort in one another and would defend one another to the death.

When I see them, I am jealous. So yeah. I would do it again in a heartbeat. No matter how hard it is, they won't regret it. Congratulations to the happy couple!

Did you have your kids close together?


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