Angelina Jolie Can't Handle Her 6 Kids on Vacation (VIDEO)

jolie-pittsAngelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have perfected the art of parenting a big brood, especially when it comes to traveling with them. You will notice that they rarely have all six in tow. For instance, on their recent trip to Japan, they just brought Pax, 9, and 5-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne along. Why? A divide and conquer strategy is the only way to survive outings when you have a super-sized family.


I totally get it. Just the thought of traveling with all those kids can be daunting -- no matter who you are. The toys to keep them busy, the snacks for grumbling tummies, the who knows how many trips to that tiny bathroom. No one in their right mind would want to deal with that times six. Three is hard enough, but infinitely more manageable.

So say if you can cajole a sitter, grandparent, or other willing relative into staying home with half of them, why not do it? Otherwise, it's just hectic and scary keeping track of everyone and everything. It seems that Angelina and Brad realized that a long time ago. Yes, there are times the entire clan packs up together, but for short trips to film sets or international volunteer projects, they keep the number small. It just makes things so much simpler, so much easier.

I know plenty of parents who do this. My neighbors recently took a trip to California and decided to only take their older children to Universal Studios. They just figure their little one, who was only 2, wouldn't really appreciate or remember the experience. Plus, it was a lot easier with one less child to manage. They figure they will make it up to her later. Although, there is one thing they should keep in mind. All the trips have to be equally as cool; otherwise, kid group B will be seriously pissed.

What do you think of only traveling with half your kids?


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