Fergie's 'Gayby' Shower Was an Extravaganza Filled With Celebrities, Drag Queens & Cocktails for All

Fergie Fergie's baby gayby shower (dubbed as such by the singer since her gay BFFs threw it for her) was this weekend, and by all accounts, it was an amazing, fun-filled extravaganza. Celebrities, family, and friends packed the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills in anticipation of the arrival of the singer's first child, a son she and her husband Josh Duhamel are expecting.

She tweeted a picture of herself, looking amazing, with a caption that reads, "Say My Name" by her belly. "It's gabyshower day! He's trying to talk." Adorable.

According to Us Weekly, Fergie was "absolutely glowing" during the event, and the party was attended by many of Hollywood's hottest including, Julianne Hough, Adam Lambert, Lance Bass, Kelly Osbourne, Molly Sims, and Rupaul. There was face painting and balloon animals for the kids, and delish food and drinks for the adults, as well as a drag performance of "Let's Hear It for the Boy."


It all sounds like a rockin' good time and definitely not a typical boring baby shower, but there's just one little thing that bugged me when I read about the shower, a thing that irks me when done at any baby shower really.

According to E! cocktails were flowing. Being served was Cuca Fresca Organic Cachaca, Tallarico Vodka, and Ferguson Wine, which included a signature cocktail, "The Hot Mamma," in the mom-to-be's honor. "People were going wild for the Hot Mamma cocktail," a source said. People reports that Patron Ferg-aritas were also served.

And that's great ... but Fergie, of course, couldn't imbibe with the rest of them. Which brings me to my little pet peeve about baby showers -- should alcohol really be served when the guest of honor can't have any?

Most pregnant women are around plenty of people and situations in which others drink alcohol, and it's not a huge deal. But when it's your very special day, do people really need to drink? Sure you want everyone to have a good time, but being the only sober one around a bunch of tipsy people isn't always fun. If the guest of honor was allergic to peanuts, it's not like you'd have a bunch of peanut butter treats, right? It just seems a bit impolite.

As a guest, I love a good cocktail at a baby shower, and everyone wants their guests to enjoy themselves. So I get it in some regards, but I still feel like it's some sort of breach of etiquette.

It didn't seem to bother Fergie, however, which is what really matters. So cheers to them. We can't wait to meet this little guy.

Do you think alcohol should be served at baby showers?


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