Jessica Simpson Shows Off Her Post-Baby Body

Jessica SimpsonIt hasn't even been a full month since she gave birth to her second child, Ace Knute, but after seeing a photo of Jessica Simpson's post-baby body, I think she's already looking pretty darn good!

Jess was spotted heading to a doctor's appointment in Beverly Hills earlier this week. While she did look a little bit on the tired side (gee, I wonder why?) -- she looks pretty much back to her old self again, complete with a huge purse and super-high wedge heels.

But based on her choice of attire for her first post-birth outing (that we know of), it's obvious that Jessica has figured out an easy trick for looking much slimmer post-pregnancy than she actually is.


Duh, of course she hasn't totally gotten her pre-baby figure back yet -- and no woman should be expected to bounce back after a few weeks whether she's a celebrity or not.

But by wearing a loose-fitting dress with a bold, busy, bright pattern instead of something solid and clingy, the outfit distracts the eyes, takes the focus off Jess's mid-section, and instead shows off her awesome legs. (She has the most toned calves I've ever seen.)

Trying to find suitable clothes after giving birth is so tough. Most of us wind up stuck somewhere in between maternity clothes and our pre-pregnancy duds, which can be pretty frustrating and a little depressing at the same time.

But by following Jess' example and picking up a few cute, flowy dresses for that transitional phase, it's easy to look cute and stylish without being self-conscious and uncomfortable until you're finally able to fit into your old wardrobe again.

Moms need to enjoy those first few months with a new baby and savor every single moment instead of stressing about shedding every last pregnancy pound, which Jessica seems to realize. She looks great -- and good for her for strutting that post-baby bod proudly!

Have you bought any transitional pieces for after your baby arrives?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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