Pregnancy Has Turned Fergie Into a Sex Machine (Congrats Josh Duhamel!)

Fergie Josh DuhamelOoh-la-la. Somebody's getting quite a bit of action these days, and his name is Josh Duhamel. Apparently Fergie's pregnancy has given her an increased libido, and that's why she and Josh are reportedly having sex two to three times a day even though she's sporting a baby bump.

Two to three times a day? Good grief. That's about as horny as horny women get, especially for someone who is pregnant. (Although who wouldn't be all over Josh? He's a hot piece if I ever saw one.)

I know, I know, plenty of moms-to-be feel all sorts of sexy and love to get it on while they're expecting -- something that I've never quite been able to comprehend.


To me, nothing about pregnancy was remotely sexy -- and I can't understand why anyone would feel confident about hopping in between the sheets when they're three times their normal size. There. I said it. Pregnant sex freaks me out and grosses me out and always will. (Cringing and shuddering just thinking about it.)

But if Fergie is into it -- good for her, and she might as well go ahead and get frisky to her heart's content while she still can. She's supposedly worried that she and Josh will run into a dry spell after the baby arrives, which is yet another reason they're doing it like rabbits up until her due date.

And she should be concerned, because plenty of new parents find that their sex lives go straight into the crapper while they're dealing with sleepless night after sleepless night, endless diaper changes, and being totally overwhelmed by the huge life change a baby brings.

Oh, and another thing, having sex for the first time after giving birth is kind of, well -- awkward, which is one more reason Fergie should enjoy "normal" sex now.

I remember feeling like a virgin all over again the first time I had sex post-baby. The only reason my husband and I did the deed was basically to get it over with, not because we were all hot and heavy for each other.

There's really no other way other way of saying it -- sex just isn't the same when you have a new baby thrown into the mix. It goes from being completely spontaneous and fun to something you pencil into your schedule and do as quickly as possible because you're worried about junior waking up and needing to be tended to. It's sex for the sake of having sex -- which is anything but fun and exciting.

I guess the good news is that, at some point, most parents' sex lives go back to normal -- though I hate to break it to Fergie, but two or three times a day just ain't happening again unless she and Josh are on vacation or their kid is grown up and finally leaves the nest.

Again, she might as well enjoy every single second of bedroom action she can get -- because her time is almost up.

Have you had a lot of sex during your pregnancy?


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