Jason Hoppy Worries Bethenny Frankel Is Setting Their Daughter Up for an Eating Disorder

bethenny frankelNot only is Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy's divorce getting ugly, it's getting incredibly nit-picky: The couple is now fighting over what their 3-year-old daughter Bryn eats. According to Jason, Bethenny -- who has admitted to having issues with food in the past -- is obsessed with what Bryn eats. According to a source, "Bethenny obsessively monitors what Bryn eats," while Jason lets her occasionally indulge in sweets. Jason's alleging that Bethenny's food issues are hurting their daughter’s health.

And to that I say O RLY?!


A source close to Bethenny said: "Bryn and her mom often have ice cream together. Bethenny just wants to make sure their little girl eats healthy and always makes Bryn organic, fresh meals and snacks. Jason is just trying anything to make her look like a bad mom. She is trying to be the best mom possible and wants the fighting with Jason to stop for the sake of their little girl."

Now, I'm well-aware that parents' issues and attitudes about food can be passed down to their children, but I really don't think Bethenny's monitoring of her child's food and desire for her to eat healthy is a negative thing. In fact, I think it's pretty crazy to turn it into one.

I don't have, nor have I ever had, any issues with food. But I definitely "monitor" what my daughter eats closely. And while she can have something sweet once in a great while, for the most part, she eats healthy, fresh food. I can't, for the life of me, see what's wrong with that. If Bethenny truly is losing sleep over what her kid eats and forbids her from having birthday cake at parties, yeah, it may be an issue. But don't we want our kids to eat healthy food instead of crap? I could see this being a problem if Bethenny were doing the opposite, but really Jason? You're really going here?

At the end of the day, all this bickering and fighting Jason and Bethenny are doing "for their daughter's sake" is just going to wind up hurting her. I've never seen two parents fighting over the fact that one of them likes to feed the kid extra healthy food. Sheesh. Just get divorced already and move on. That seems to be what's best for everybody.

Do you think Bethenny's "issues" will be passed down to Bryn?

Image via Pacific Coast News

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