Is Blake Lively in Hiding Because She's Pregnant?

blake lively, ryan reynoldsAs soon as a couple ties the knot, one question usually follows: when are you going to have kids. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds were certainly no exception. In fact, after their wedding in September 2012, people speculated a pregnancy was the reason for the super-secret nuptials. However now, Blake may actually have a baby on the way.


According to Perez Hilton, the one-time Green Lantern costars are expecting their first child. According to a witness at the Turbo premiere, "She was rocking a little paunch -- maybe the tiniest of baby bumps." Then a friend revealed that they are just waiting to make it through the first trimester before making the official announcement.

Need more proof? She's usually a size 2 and loves to show off her fit bod, but lately she's opted for flowing clothes and sweaters. Plus, adds the pal, she has given up red wine and champagne for water. All telltale signs.

It actually isn't such a far fetched idea. For months, they have been holed up in their Bedford, New York home. They have only been spotted out and about sporadically. At first it seemed odd that the high profile couple would prefer the sleepy suburb to the excitement of Hollywood or a cosmopolitan city like New York. But if they were planning to start a family, it makes perfect sense. I bet there is some serious nesting going on.

If true, this is destined to be the most genetically blessed child in Hollywood history (story Shiloh Jolie-Pitt).

Do you think about Blake possibly being pregnant?


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