Justin Bieber's Bizarre New Tattoo Has Mama's Boy Written All Over It

Justin Bieber mom tattooJustin Bieber has done it again. The 19-year-old went out and got yet another permanent piece of body art that he'll have to live with forever. But don't expect his mom, Pattie Mallette, to flip out over this one. The teenager's new tattoo is a tribute to her!

And OK, it's also slightly creepy. But hey, we are talking about Justin "Pees in Restaurant Mop Buckets" Bieber here. 


The Biebs shared this photo on Instagram the other day with the caption:

@bangbangnyc did this art ., Moms always watching ;)

Get it? That's Justin's mother's eye, and it's now on his arm. And here I thought we moms were just supposed to have an extra eye in the back of our heads. Go figure!

I have to admit I'm shocked when teenagers get tattoos. Call me old school, but I think you should think long and hard about something that will be on the body for the rest of your life. Most tats I've seen on teens are very fad-ish (barbed wire 'round the bicep, anyone?) or tied to things that they will likely grow out of (hello cartoon character!).

But I have to admit getting a tattoo that pays tribute to your parent doesn't bother me. Maybe it's because I'm a mom and the thought of my daughter wanting to do something that sweet for me makes my heart go pitter pat? It's a little self-centered, I know, but there it is.

The less egotistical side of me likes tattoos that pay tribute to parents because, let's face it, we aren't someone (or something) who is a passing fancy. This isn't getting a high school girlfriend's name inked on you; it's your mom, who will always be in your life.

If they're going to insist on getting a tattoo so young, at least it's something they can live with.

How do you feel about tattoos on teens? Do you feel differently about Bieber's latest because of the meaning?


Image via Instagram

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