Denise Richards Is Seeking Custody of Charlie Sheen's Kids (With His Ex!)

Denise RichardsDenise Richards is reportedly ready to seek full custody of her ex-husband Charlie Sheen's 4-year-old twin boys, Bob and Max. The twist is that Denise is not their mother. Charlie's third wife, Brooke Mueller, is. But Brooke went to rehab in May, when the children were placed with Denise. It still blows me away what an absolute saint Denise is!


A source tells RadarOnline:

Denise has been essentially raising the boys since last summer, and she loves the boys as if they were her own.

Denise already has two children of her own with Charlie, 8-year-old Lola and 9-year-old Sam, and her (adopted) daughter, Eloise. Plus, she has a passel of adopted animals. Plus, she works. Plus, she reportedly turned down more child support from Charlie. Where does this woman find the time/energy?!

The source also said:

The twins are a part of Denise's family, and they love being with their sisters. It's a very happy household. It gets a bit chaotic, but Denise can handle it.

It must be heartwrenching for Denise to think about giving up Bob and Max. But I wonder about the idea of having the kids separated from their mother permanently? What will this do to them down the road? On the other hand, the children were reportedly taken from Brooke because they were in an "unsafe environment," so it sounds like it's for the best that they're now in a stable home with their half-sisters.

It's not even totally clear if Brooke, who reportedly moved out of a sober facility recently, is even fighting to get her kids back.

But I wonder why Charlie Sheen isn't stepping up to take his own kids? Sources say he "fully supports" having Denise get full custody of them. Yet it's not Denise that had two kids, it's Charlie. If a woman did this, she'd be branded terrible, horrible, evil. But no one has said a peep about Charlie!

Yes, perhaps he knows he's not the best full-time parent for his kids. But why not work to make his home the best for them?!

Anyway, my hat is off to Denise. Charlie lost a great one. But Denise only gained.

Do you think Denise should get the kids permanently? What about Charlie?

Image via Denise Richards/Instagram

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