Fergie & Josh Duhamel Announce Sex of Their Baby in the Funniest Way (VIDEO)

It wasn't too long ago that singer Fergie and her smokin' hubby, Josh Duhamel, announced they were having a baby. And remember how cutely they did it? They announced it via Twitter with a couple of baby shots of themselves. This is a pretty down to Earth couple, so no big buildup for them on whether they're having a boy or girl. Josh appeared on Kelly & Michael recently, and when asked if they were having a boy or girl, he just decided to go on ahead and announce the baby's sex. Why not, what's the big secret, right? It's just a baby! People have 'em every day! But the way Josh did it was just as cute as how they told everyone about the baby to begin with.


Kelly Ripa held up a pair of chic onesies and demanded to know: "Pink or blue?" She had the unmistable gleam of a challenge in her eye.

Josh paused and dragged out the moment and then asked the audience, "What do you guys think? Boy or girl?" and then he ... Well, just go on and watch the damn thing before I spill it.

Awww, wasn't that cute? Well, it's a little bit of a shame that we won't see a little Fergie running around. But on behalf of little girls everywhere -- and little boys too for that matter -- I will thank the couple for producing a little Josh Duhamel. Who will one day hopefully grow up to be just a tiny bit like Dad!

But I hope they don't make little Josh wear that Kelly & Michael onesie. I hope Fergie knew what Josh was going to do. But even if she didn't, would you complain if your husband looked like that? I'd let him talk me into pushing out the kid on live TV.

Did you announce the sex of your child before you had it?


Image via YouTube

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