Jennifer Love Hewitt Says Pregnancy Allows Her to Eat 3 Cupcakes in 1 Sitting -- Hell, Yeah!

Jennifer Love HewittWhen you think of Jennifer Love Hewitt, you think adorable. No matter how old she gets or what kind of hooker she plays, she's still just got that cuteness factor about her -- and so do her pregnancy cravings.

The Client List star announced last month that she's expecting her first child with her fiance, Brian Hallisay, and this weekend she displayed her growing belly at a Mickey Mouse event in Burbank, California. She looked, of course, adorable, and she talked about how pregnancy is affecting her -- especially when it comes to her cravings.

Thankfully, she's not professing to crave something lame like broccoli or Swiss chard, like some of these celebrities who make us roll our eyes. Nope, Jen has a real, decadent, awesome pregnancy craving she's indulging, to which we can actually relate.


Her vice -- cupcakes, and lots of them. She told People:

Cupcakes seem to be a thing, but that’s always been a thing. I want to blame it on pregnancy, but it’s really always been my favorite. Now, I have the ability to eat three instead of one, which is nice.

A girl after my own heart. I couldn't get enough cupcakes or cake while I was pregnant. Actually, the cake I discarded, it was the frosting I could (and did on occasion) eat with a spoon.

Don't worry though, she's keeping it healthy too. She's continuing her almost-daily workouts, doing yoga and cardio. She's also doing her best not to stress about the unknowns of pregnancy and told Us Weekly:

I think most people, when they're getting ready to be a mom, they go, 'Oh my gosh, I have to have all of the answers right now,' but every kid is different, every parent is different and every child and parent relationship is different, so you just sort of have to wait until you're in it and do the best that you can to try to be Zen in the middle of it all.

So good for her for taking this relaxed attitude to pregnancy and for sneaking in some treats once in awhile too. While pregnancy isn't a time to throw good eating habits out the window, it can be a time for a little extra indulgence now and then. Enjoy those cupcakes, Jen.

What kind of pregnancy cravings did you have?


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