Beyonce's Vacation Pics With Blue Ivy Couldn't Be Less Realistic (PHOTO)

beyonce blue ivyHey, remember that time you went on vacation with your baby and you were so relaxed? You just walked around, looking stylish in your resort-wear, cuddling with your little one, who also looked stylish in her resort-wear? You don't? Oh, that's probably because it never happened. When you went on your vacation with your child, you probably spent a lot of time running after them (AKA, not lounging on the beach), changing dirty diapers, applying greasy-ass sunscreen, and looking for restaurants you know you and your family won't be thrown out of for being messy and noisy. So, Beyonce, although the pics you posted to your Tumblr of you and Blue Ivy are drop dead gorgeous, who are you kidding?


Now, before anyone tries to call me a Beyonce hater, let me just say this to you: Incorrect. Beyonce is a queen and I'm fully aware of that. I love everything the singer, her husband, and their ridiculously adorable child do. They're perfection, and I know it. But these pics are for the birds. Moms don't relax with their kids like this on vacay. In fact, isn't it pretty common knowledge that the days of relaxing on vacation (or anywhere, really) are over once you have a baby? It was in my hospital packet after I gave birth.

I'm guessing Beyonce had a barrage of people on hand to do her hair and makeup and place her super cute floral headband on just so on this trip. I'm also guessing she had a person or two around to help keep up with little Blue. Because when you have a child around that age, you don't look as well-rested and relaxed as Beyonce.

The pics of you and Blue couldn't be sweeter, Bey, and please, keep 'em coming. But don't be fooled, mamas out there. This isn't exactly an accurate depiction of motherhood.

Do you relax while on vacation with your little ones?


Image via Beyonce/Tumblr

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