Gwen Stefani Lets 7-Year-Old Son Kingston Wear Makeup -- Is She Nuts? (PHOTO)

Kingston RossdaleNo, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you -- that's Gwen Stefani's 7-year-old son Kingston Rossdale wearing makeup for a day at the beach, something which is both puzzling and ridiculous at the same time.

Zoom in closer on the photo and you'll see that he does indeed appear to have on eye shadow, eyeliner, and lipstick, again -- at the BEACH. Where it's hot. Where that stuff could melt right off his face and drip into his eyes and sting them.

But aside from whatever the temperatures in Malibu happened to be that day, let's get back to the fact that this is a 7-year-old boy looking like he's just raided mom's makeup cabinet and had a field day.

Maybe that's what actually happened? Nah. That can't be it. The eyeliner is way too precisely applied, which indicates an adult likely put it on it for him.


And as the mother of a 7-year-old boy myself, I can't imagine what in the heck would possess anyone to let their son wear makeup. Ok, scratch that. I can't imagine letting any 7-year-old go out in public with makeup on, regardless of whether he or she is a boy or girl.

(Admit it. If Kingston were a little girl, you'd be appalled at all that makeup on her face.)

I mean, if I had a daughter, maybe I'd let her dab on a little bit of my lip gloss, but would I let her give the smoky eye look a whirl whenever she felt like it? Nope. No way. Because I wouldn't want her running around town looking like a teenager when she's barely old enough to know how to tie her shoes. And the same goes for my son, not that I can ever really imagine him asking to try on my makeup.

Bottom line -- kids that young simply have no business getting into our makeup bags because they're kids, for crying out loud. The time we have with them while they are little is so precious and so short. They already grow up too fast as it is, so we should savor everything about them that makes them little kids even though we want them to be individuals and express themselves.

And I'm sure that's exactly what Gwen was doing here -- letting Kingston express himself. But there have to be better ways than going out in public with heavy eye makeup at the tender age of 7, right?

Would you let your 7-year-old wear makeup?


Image via Splash

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