Jay-Z's Relationship With His Dad Has Him Worried About Raising Blue Ivy

jay z, blue ivy, beyonceFirst time parenthood can be scary for everyone. It's not just learning how to understand their cries or change a diaper. It's about nurturing and molding a little human being. That's a heavy responsibility. Jay-Z is certainly no exception. The tough as nails rapper opens up about his biggest fear about fatherhood and it's something we all can relate to.


"It's something that we both created. We still marvel at her," he said of baby daughter Blue Ivy with wife Beyonce during a surprisingly personal ad for his new disc Magna Carta Holy Grail. What new mom and dad have not felt that very same sentiment. Though he touched on an even more heart-wrenching parenting issue as the cameras rolled.  Jay is frightened he may not be a good father because he's never had an example of one during his own upbringing.

This drives home the fact the some experiences are universal no matter what successes or failures you have in life. Not having a father around can be incredibly painful. So many people feel their moms and dads did bad jobs or weren't around and now they have to struggle with being a parent themselves.

For Jay-Z, that absence meant there was no one to each him to be father or how to be a good husband or partner. You can actually hear his voice shake and see his eyes grow glassy as he talks about the fear of not giving daughter Blue Ivy everything she needs and deserves. He calls it the "paranoia of not being a great dad."

An absentee parent -- whether is a mother or father -- can create a hurt that hangs over you for your entire life. It can either result in you making the same mistake with your own children or inspire you to be better. It's certainly clear that Jay wants to be better then what he had. Everyone in that circumstance should aspire to be for your children's sake and your own.

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