6 Reasons Kim Zolciak Should Not Have Another Boy

kim zolciak and kroy biermannKim Zolciak and hubby Kroy Biermann are expecting once again. This would be The Real Housewives of Atlanta alum's third pregnancy in as many years, and after giving birth to boys KJ, 2, and Kash, 9 months, Kim is desperately hoping for a baby girl. Her fear is that once her eldest daughters Brielle and Ariana are off to college, she will be outmanned. She's right -- and that's not all. Here are 6 more reasons the reality star should want another girl.

  1. Fact of the matter is, girls are often more emotional than boys. With only one woman in the house having tantrums, outbursts, and freak-outs, Kim will seem crazier than ever.
  2. She will have a shopping, spa, and salon buddy. A little girl won't complain about a marathon shopping spree. Boys get bored after just one store.
  3. She can pass on her relationship wisdom. Girls will probably benefit from a mother's romantic advice more than boys because they are coming from a similar perspective. 
  4. Kim has a chance to help a daughter learn from her many mistakes. For better or worse, her worst behavior was caught on the Bravo cameras. Thanks to that, she has clear examples of how NOT to act.
  5. She will have one less daughter-in-law to battle with. It's clear Kim is Queen Bee in her family. That attitude can be hard for her boys' future girlfriends or wives to deal with. 
  6. The mother-daughter bond is like no other. While there may be some tense teen years, you will share more sweet, fun moments than treacherous ones. 

What other reasons should Kim have a girl?


Image via Bravo

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