Selena Gomez Cuddles Baby Sister, Showing Age Gap Is Nothing But a Number

selena gomezRecently, Selena Gomez became a big sister. Kind of strange. But seriously adorable. Not only did Selena express her excitement about the new addition, tweeting, "I'm the happiest girl in the world" back when mom Mandy Teefy announced the news, an incredibly sweet photo of Selena Gomez holding her baby sister was snapped -- and good lord, do these two girls look like a match made in heaven.

The little babe was born on June 13 and was given the cute name Grace Elliot. And, uh, I bet little Grace is going to be puh-retty excited in a few years when she realizes that her big sister is Selena Gomez.


It'll obviously be a little while before Grace knows exactly who her big sister is, but could you imagine being a 5-year-old and having a full-blown pop star as your sibling? Backstage passes! The world's best hand-me-downs! Glitter! Lots of glitter!

Although they have a big age gap between them, it looks like Selena and Grace are going to get along swimmingly. And Gracie, don't be surprised if you find yourself the most popular girl in your grade school.

What do you think of this?


Image via emel109/Flickr

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