'Mad Men' Mom Betty Francis Hangs Out on CafeMom? We Knew It!

betty draper season 6Now that Mad Men season 6 has come to a close, we'll have to wait many more moons until we see Don & Co. again. But in the meantime, we can re-live some of season 6's greatest moments.

Besides Netflix, another way to do that: "Mad Men Facebook Recaps," which have had us giggling all season long. And in their re-telling of last week's penultimate episode, they actually tackled the Betty-takes-Sally-to-Miss Potter's-boarding-school plotline with an awesome shout-out to none other than ... this site! That's right, Betty Francis is on CafeMom!

Check it out ...


betty on cafemom facebook mad men recaps happyplace.com

Awesome! Well, of course, Betty consults CafeMom for parenting advice! I'm sure she's been on the site since way back! When she was still married to Don, I'll bet she posed various questions to the ladies in the Love & Sex Group, like, "What's the best way to handle a husband who has been cheating on you with a different woman every day of the week and isn't even who he says he is?" These days, I wouldn't be surprised if she got some of her recent, shocking ideas about spicing up her sex life with Henry from the sassy moms on there! Not to mention that as a mom of a teenager (Sally, of course), a big kid (Bobby), and a toddler (Gene), she's likely frequenting a slew of our channels here at The Stir! Guess we shouldn't be that surprised. After all, what dynamic, magnetic, hot mama like Betty wouldn't be on CafeMom? Love it!

Do you read the Mad Men Facebook recaps? What do you think Betty Francis would be up to on CafeMom?


Images via AMC & HappyPlace.com

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