Reese Witherspoon's Baby Boy Is Her Best 'Accessory' Yet (PHOTO)

Reese Witherspoon and babyOMG! Get a load of this adorable photo of Reese Witherspoon and baby Tennessee out and about near her home in L.A.! Is he the spitting image of his famous mommy, or what? Same blue eyes. Same button nose. And the same sandy blond hair too! Yep, this kid is all Reese, for sure.

And I gotta say -- I'm pretty impressed with how well coordinated the two of them are as far as the colors of their outfits goes. It's always so adorable when moms dress their babies to complement their style -- but who knew you could pull off the perfect mommy-baby look with a little boy?


I mean, when you think of babies being dressed up to match their moms, you typically picture girls, right? Finding cute boy clothes can be kind of tough, which is probably why I never attempted to dress my son in an outfit that paired well with whatever I was wearing.

And now I'm kicking myself for never doing it based on how sweet Reese and her baby are together. Don't you love how the little red accents on his onesie go perfectly with her belt and shoes? (Those heels are fabulous, by the way.)

The red, white, and navy blue theme they have going on makes them look like something out of a J. Crew catalog -- like they walked straight off the ferry from Nantucket. Honestly, do mother-son duos get any preppier and put together than these two? (Nope.)

And let's talk about that fancy diaper bag of hers for a second (assuming that's what it is.) Is she brave or what? Most moms wouldn't dare carry around something white for fear of juice (or worse) spilling all over it -- but Reese doesn't seem too concerned. Hmm. I wonder why? Oh yeah, that's right -- she probably has about five more in her closet to serve as backups in the event of a major diaper blowout. (Smart gal.)

Do you ever dress like your baby?


Image via Splash

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