Gisele Bundchen & Baby Vivian Do Yoga in Incredibly Precious Picture (PHOTO)

gisele bundchen and baby vivianPrepare to have your ovaries burst into itty bitty ovary pieces. Gisele Bundchen posted a photo of her daughter and herself to Instagram, and good god, is it precious. In the pic, Gisele is looking Gisele-like, basking in what appears to be the morning sun, doing a spot of yoga, while her 6-month-old daughter, Vivian, sits beside her mama, propped up by some pillows. Squee! The adorableness is almost too much to handle! And what a perfect way for a new mom to get in some exercise -- on a mat right next to baby while they work on their sitting skills. Love! And definitely copying. Thanks for the idea, Gisele!


How do you fit in exercise with your baby?


Image via Gisele Bundchen/Instagram

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