Britney Spears' Sons Won't Kiss Her in Public

Britney SpearsWhen you're a huge superstar and get your kids cool gigs in your music videos, you'd think they might not find you to be a huge embarrassment. Not so, says Britney Spears.

She told Ryan Seacrest recently how she embarrasses them regularly now days. "My sons are 6 and 7, so they're just now getting to the stage of where you can't kiss mommy in front of your friends and all that kind of stuff. They're getting what's cool and what's not."

And if it's not cool for them to kiss a superstar mom like Brit, then the rest of us are pretty much screwed too.


My son is 9, and he'll still hug me in front of his friends once in awhile, but I know those days are fleeting. I see the stark difference between the sweet, tender, innocent boy I tuck into bed and sing to each night and the one I hear in the back of my minivan bursting with bravado in front of his friends. I glance at him in the rear-view mirror and am so proud and excited to see the young man he's becoming, but also desperately sad about losing the little boy who used to see me as the center of his world.

I know the time is coming when I'm brushed off more and more frequently. There will likely be a time when it's not only my kisses he's rebuffing in front of friends, but my mere presence near him.

I'm bracing for it. It's natural and a normal part of growing up, and I know that. It doesn't make my heart ache any less though.

Do you embarrass your kids? At what age did they start getting embarrassed of you?


Image via stevenishiwara/Flickr


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