Model Who Hired Surrogate Got More Than She Bargained For

For all of the control modern medicine gives us over our fertility, there are still some unexpected occurrences that leave women with families of which they never dreamed. Take Caprice Bourret, for example. The 41-year-old London-based model is due to have two babies four weeks apart. She is carrying one, and the other is being carried by a surrogate she hired when she thought she couldn't get pregnant.

So now, while she's nine months pregnant, she's going to be caring for an infant. As exhausting as that sounds, however, the mother-to-be is thrilled. She recently told The Sun about her long and painful struggle with infertility and miscarriage and now her miracles that are on the way.


After meeting her husband, Ty Comfort, in 2011, she said they started trying for children right away. She soon got pregnant, but then heartbreakingly lost a baby in a miscarriage. After that they tried other fertility treatments, with no success. She told ITV:

We tried IVF three times and then after the third go the doctor said he had good news and bad. The good was that we had very healthy embryos. The bad was that the lining of my uterus was very thin and it would probably be impossible to conceive naturally.

So they set out to find the perfect woman to carry their child. They found her in the United States, and they were thrilled when she conceived twins. They were even more so when Caprice found out she was pregnant too. She said it was the best day of her life. Then the surrogate called and said she'd lost one of the twins, and the next day Caprice started bleeding. She thought she was losing the baby again. Fortunately, she did not.

Now the babies -- both boys -- are due within a month of each other, in August and September. Carpice and her husband are going to travel to the U.S. when the surrogate gives birth, then stay there while she delivers the baby she's carrying. She told the station:

Then we come back to Britain and live happily after. This shows that miracles happen. And sometimes they happen twice!

Good for her. Like the post I did yesterday about the 60-year-old woman who wound up unexpectedly pregnant that still has me reeling, sometimes you just never know what your family is going to end up looking like. You can plan all you want, but sometimes nature is just more powerful. 


Do you have the family you wanted/imagined you'd have?


Image via Jesse van Kalmthout/Flickr

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