Jennifer Lopez Loved Her 'Jiggly' Post-Baby Belly -- Yeah, Right!

Jennifer LopezIn what has to be some sort of effort to connect with "regular" moms, Jennifer Lopez says her "jiggly" post-pregnancy belly is something she not only loved -- but felt she had earned after the birth of her twins, Max and Emme.

You know what I mean by the jiggly belly, right? (And if this is your first pregnancy and you aren't quite sure what I'm referring to, I apologize for being the bearer of bad news.)

Ugh. The jiggly belly. It's the WORST. It's like your stomach still looks kind of pregnant, except it's not a big, firm baby bump anymore. It's just this mushy fold of loose skin that sags and hangs down from your midsection -- and, of course, jiggles. (Gross.)


And I don't care what Jennifer Lopez says -- there's no way I'm buying the idea of her embracing that thing. I'm sure she was just as horrified, if not more, as every other mom out there is when she looks in the mirror after giving birth and doesn't recognize the spare tire protruding out from her body.

Being the naive new mom that I was, I figured my belly would shrink back down a heck of a lot quicker than it did after I had my son. Sure, I figured it would take a month or two, but then I'd be back in bikini shape and would hardly remember that I'd ever been pregnant. (Ha!)

And that's why when I still had the tummy mush going on a good six months postpartum -- I was beyond disgusted. Even though I guess it was technically a symbol of this beautiful child I'd created -- I certainly didn't see it that way. And seven years later? I still don't. Even though I'm back in pretty decent shape and the jiggly belly, while still a tad jiggly, isn't as bad as it used to be, I still have those awful images burned into my brain.

Back to J. Lo -- have you seen pictures of her bangin' bikini body? She looks better at 43 than most 20-somethings, which is why it's probably pretty easy for her to insist that she felt empowered by her postpartum body. It's a whole lot easier to admit that you looked less than perfect at one point in your life when you now look like a million bucks and have a figure most women would kill for. (Just sayin'.)

She may be able to look back on the time after her twins' birth fondly now, but something tells me Jennifer bitched and moaned about her jiggly bits just as much as the rest of us during those first few months as a new mom. (It's ok, Jen -- fess up, already.)

Do you think it's possible to see the "jiggly" belly as a positive thing?


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