Behind-the-Scenes Meltdown Footage of Teresa Giudice’s Daughter Gia Is Almost Too Painful to Watch (VIDEO)

gia guidiceOn Sunday's episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Joe and Teresa Giudice's daughter Gia turned 12. TWELVE. It was a lesson in how time flies, because damn, it feels like just yesterday that Gia was 7 years old and totally cute and innocent. Now she's a bona fide tween with a mind, and a mouth, of her own.

In this behind-the-scenes footage, we take a trip down Gia Memory Lane, and let me warn you, it's not all hugs and kisses. In fact, some of it is really, really cringe-worthy.


It goes without saying that all kids "have their moments," especially those on the cusp of teeangedom. They're hot one minute, cold the next, and it's hard for every parent to figure out where they stand on the I-hate-mom-today-o-meter.

But! I would never tolerate my child telling me I'm disgusting and weird, like Gia calls Teresa, unless I just did something, you know, disgusting and weird, like swallowing their pet goldfish, or praising the neighbor's new motor home they've decided to park on their front lawn.

The way Gia talks to Teresa has to be a result of the epic river of dysfunction that runs through that entire house. She's understandably angered and confused by her family's riff with her Uncle Joe Gorga's family, she doesn't know if her dad's going to jail or not, and her mom seems more obsessed with keeping up appearances than keeping it real.

Plus, she's on one of the most popular cable television shows ever ... all while going through puberty.

After watching this video, you might be torn between sending Gia to her room without dinner or giving the poor girl a hug. It's hard not to feel sorry for her and for everyone involved.


What do you think about Gia's reel here?


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