Doll of 'Real Housewives' Star Coming to a Store Near You: Will You Buy It?

Cynthia BaileyBe afraid; be very afraid. The Real Housewives are coming out of our television screens and are headed toward children's bedrooms.

In chill-inducing news, it seems RHOA star Cynthia Bailey is having a doll made in her image. According to Access Atlanta, she approached and is working with the One World Doll Project to create a doll that looks just like her. Just what the world needs!

Actually, I'm a little surprised she's the first Housewife to think of this. With the egotistical, money-hungry nature of many of them, you'd think someone would have hopped on this idea long ago. I'm sure there are plenty of fans who would love to collect the whole crazy bunch of them, which will likely be coming as soon as the rest of them get wind of Cynthia's doll.

As scary as that is, however, the scariest part is that Cynthia isn't intending these dolls to just be collector items for freaky adult fans; she thinks they're actually a good idea for children.


As young girls, we looked at dolls as a representation of beauty. I hope looking at this doll will display not only physical beauty, but will also represent the beauty of being confidently and unapologetically who you are.

Um great, but what about all of that backstabbing, cat fighting, and ridiculous behavior the ladies display? Can't you see it now -- children across the country acting out flipping tables and pulling each other's hair? Our girls -- especially the ones young enough to play with dolls -- shouldn't even know who the hell Cynthia Bailey is.

I'm an unashamedly dedicated Real Housewives fan. Okay, I'm a little ashamed about my habit, but it doesn't stop me from watching each and every city religiously. I know, however, that the day is coming when I'm going to have to stop, when my daughter, now 4, becomes aware of what I'm watching ... or at least be really stealth about what I'm doing. 

Role models the Housewives are not. I have a hard enough time justifying to myself why I spend time watching them degrade themselves and one another, and I simply can't imagine justifying it to my daughter. Not that everything I watch has to be something that's okay with her, but these shows, in particular, I'd rather she didn't know I watch. So the last thing I would want her playing with is Real Housewives dolls. I can't imagine any parent that would.

Would you let your kid play with a Real Housewives doll?


Image via Bravo

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