Anna Paquin & Stephen Moyer Reveal Their Twins' Names

Anna Paquin & Stephen MoyerOMG. It certainly took long enough, but Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer's twins' names are no longer a big secret -- and they're so sweet and adorable we can hardly stand it.

Seriously, can you believe they managed to go eight months without letting the cat out of the bag? (They're really good at the whole tight-lipped thing.)

About a week or so ago, there was a rumor floating around that their baby girl and boy had been named Katya and Andrew, but based on a comment Stephen made about who he would be spending Father's Day with this weekend, it looks as though those aren't the twins' monikers at all.

(Not even close.)


Ready to hear what he and Anna called them?

Charlie and Poppy. Um, could these names possibly be any cuter?!? Hands down, Charlie has to be one of the best boy names out there. It's traditional and fairly common, but it's not at all boring or stuffy. Think about it for a second -- have you ever met a Charlie who wasn't a fun-loving kinda guy?

And Poppy? Who doesn't love a little girl with a name inspired by a flower? (If that's where they got the idea for it, of course.)

Considering Stephen also has a daughter named Lily from another relationship, it would make sense for him to want to continue the flower theme with his new baby girl's name. It bonds them together as sisters in such a special way, don't you think?

Now that we know their babies' names, hopefully we'll see more photos of them soon and hear a little more about them too. Anna and Stephen may have managed to keep these two precious kids a secret for eight months, but now that this little tidbit of info has been released -- we want to know more!

What do you think of the names Charlie and Poppy?


Image via Kevin Winter/Getty

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