Rachel Zoe's Son Is Getting Flack for His 'Girly' Hair

Uberstylist Rachel Zoe often posts photos of her 2-year-old son Skyler on Instagram. "Talk about bed head! xoRZ" was the caption for this latest shot, which showcases his amazing saucer eyes as well as his now trademark fluffy curls.

Pretty undeniably adorable, right?

Well, not to everyone. For reasons I don't quite get, this particular snapshot has inspired some pretty hostile comments


From the mild, "STOP MAKING YOUR BOY LOOK LIKE A GIRL" to the downright offensive, "Omfg are you nuts? Cut your kids hair you retard!"

First of all, whatever you think of Rachel Zoe's talent/show/persona/ clothing, why insult a little kid? Second of all, when did the world of little boy hair get so conservative?

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It used to be that boys had army-style buzz cuts. Now that only happens in my kids' school if there's a lice outbreak! Pretty much all the boys in grade school have some version of what would be called "long hair" if we were living in the 1950s. From shags to Bieber-esque side swipes to tresses you could easily put up in a ponytail.

Still, there's something about gender-bending hairstyles that gets a reaction from people -- old and young -- even in this day in age.

Last week, a little boy in my daugther's first grade class came to school with the front of his hair pulled into one of those high ponytails a la David Beckham.

The kid was wearing skinny jeans and a t-shirt and, I thought, looked pretty darn cool. Other boys in the class did not agree. He got teased and questioned and teased some more until my daughter -- a fan of ponytails -- told him that she thought he looked great and was "very brave."

What?! Since when is a ponytail brave? These are kids who are being brought up in a world where plenty of their friends have two daddies or two mommies, where many dads stay home and many moms win the bread, where antiquated notions of gender roles seemed firmly, securely in the past. But the hair! The hair is what gets them. 

The next day, quite impressively, the little boy brought the ponytail back. And nobody said anything.

What do you think of little boys with "girly" haircuts?


Image via Rachel Zoe/Instagram

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