Paris Jackson 911 Call Released & Should Be a Reminder for All Parents to Pay Attention (AUDIO)

paris jacksonA week after news broke about Paris Jackson's suicide attempt, details continue to come out about the poor, troubled teen. TMZ recently released audio of the 911 call placed after she downed 20 Motrin and cut her arms with a meat cleaver, and it makes our hearts break for her even more. Take a listen. 


During the call, someone from the Sheriff's Department describes the harrowing scene, explaining that Paris had "OD’d on 20 Motrin and cut her arm with a kitchen knife." She went on to say that Paris was "awake and breathing" and that the situation was safe for other emergency service personnel to enter.

It's unclear who was minding Paris at that exact time, but this would force any parent or guardian to ask what could they have done to prevent this. There have been reports that Paris had been acting erratically in recent weeks, throwing tantrums and getting into screaming matches with her brother Prince. Her recent tweets were a bit worrisome too. (She had tweeted The Beatles lyric: "yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away now it looks as though they're here to stay.") But I would imagine no one suspected she was as depressed as she truly was.

It's frightening to think that, as parents, we could miss those critical signs. But experts say, you just need to know what to look out for and it's not always obvious that a teen is in trouble. Here are the warning signs:

  1. Disinterest in favorite extracurricular activities
  2. Behavioral problems
  3. Withdrawing from family and friends
  4. Problems at school
  5. Changes in sleep patterns
  6. Neglects hygiene or personal appearance
  7. So emotionally distressed it causes physical symptoms like fatigue, migraines, or body aches
  8. Tough time concentrating
  9. Engaging in risky behavior
  10. Doesn't respond to praise like they used to

Of course, not every suicidal person will have all these symptoms. It is unclear which, if any, symptoms Paris may have had. But something was clearly amiss in her world. Given that she had lost her father, it's understandable that she was distraught. She wasn't just contending with the loss of a parent, her entire lifestyle suffered a major shift. She went from a very sheltered environment where she felt an immense amount of love to a public existence where she wasn't sure who really cared. That would be tough for any child to adapt to. Let's just hope that going forward, she finds the love, comfort, and support she needs.

Do you have any words of encouragement for Paris?


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