'Teen Mom' Chelsea Houska's Daughter Is About to Become a Big Sister & She Deserves to Know

chelsea houskaTeen Mom Chelsea Houska has a big problem -- the 21-year-old reality star needs to talk to her 3-year-old daughter Aubree about the little sister on the way but, apparently, doesn't know how. Adam Lind, Chelsea's ex and father of Aubree, is expecting a daughter with girlfriend Taylor Halbur. Due late August, it's only a matter of months now until Aubree's a big sister, but the adorable toddler is still none the wiser. Neither Chelsea nor Adam has explained that she's about to have a sister.


A source told RadarOnline it's because Chelsea doesn't know what the right move is. She doesn't want to tell Aubree because she's afraid of how she'll react, and at the same time, she kind of feels like it's Adam's place to spill the beans.

I can see it from both sides, but Chels and Adam should probably just sit down with Aubree with one of those "I'm going to be a big sister"-type of books and get this taken care of. Ostensibly it should be good news -- don't Chelsea and Adam both want Aubree to have a relationship with her younger sister?

The sooner Aubree finds out, the better. Preparing her for this life-changing role shouldn't be put off too much longer, because before you know it, the new baby will be here and Aubree will be confused as hell.

Not that Adam spends soooooo much time with her that she'll notice he's being pulled in another direction, but still. Sisters are sisters, and they should know about one another.

How did you break the news to your child that another was on the way?


Photo via Chelsea Houska/Instagram

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