Halle Berry Shows Off Baby Bump in Sheer Top, Officially Making It a Trend

halle berryKim Kardashian did it, and now Halle Berry's doing it, so I guess it's a thing. Sheer tops while you're pregnant, ladies. They're in. So run out to the nearest Sheer Tops 'N' Things or Sheer Tops, Sheer Tops, Sheer Tops, and pick yourself up a see-through shirt. But only if you're with-child, that is. If you're not, I don't know, see what Kourtney and Khloe are wearing.

I'm kidding. But Halle Berry and her growing baby bump were photographed recently wearing a black, lacy, see-through number, and surprisingly, it looked really sexy. Never would've thought to go here when I was pregnant. (Never would've thought to go anywhere beyond leggings and a baggy shirt while pregnant, actually.) I mean, it doesn't hurt that Halle has her head to complete the look. But this is super cute. Preggos take note.


I think the key difference in why Halle "wore it better" than Kim is because her shirt is loose. If you're going to go sheer while pregnant, you've gotta go baggy. It kind of gives an earth mama/free spirit vibe, where a sheer top or dress that's tight -- which is what Kim has worn on multiple occasions -- seems a little awkward and uncomfy. Kim's a beautiful woman, but in every form-fitting, see-through number she's worn during her pregnancy, she looks like she's dying to change into a pair of sweats.

So, for anyone out there who's been, um, dying to wear something sheer while pregnant, looks like it's totally doable. I'd just err on the side of loose. And an added bonus? You've got built-in air conditioning.

Have you worn anything sheer while pregnant?

Image via Splash

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