Holly Madison's Bikini Photoshoot With Baby Is Something All Moms Should Do

holly madisonHolly Madison recently had a bikini-clad, makeup-to-the-max photoshoot with her adorable new baby, Rainbow Aurora. In the photos, Holly is showing off her incredibly cute baby and her incredibly impressive post-baby body in a hot pink swimsuit. She's got heels on, a teased ponytail, and fake eyelashes and lip gloss for days. She looks great as she cradles her little bundle of joy in her arms, but I've gotta be honest here -- when I first looked at the pics of Holly and Rainbow, I thought they were a little silly. I mean, it looks a wee bit unnatural to be so done up and in a swimsuit while holding your newborn.

But when I thought about it a little harder (yes, I think hard about Holly Madison), I changed my mind. In fact, I wish I had photos like this -- from when I was as small as Rainbow.


Seeing pictures of your parents from "back in the day" is always a trip. Not only do you get to see them as they were before you sucked the life out of them, you get to see them as a person. Whenever I look at photos of my mother from before she had me or from when we were both much younger, I have variations of the same thoughts: "Wow! She had a life before me! She was cool! Look how young and stylish she was! I can't believe she looked like that!" etc. I would love to have photos of my mother holding me, clad in a bikini and full makeup, from when I was teeny-tiny, as I'm sure Rainbow will cherish these.

And moreover, let's get real here, Moms: The bigger babies get, the harder they are to photograph. I think getting a few "glamour shots" of you and your infant is a fantastic idea, as Holly and Rainbow's photoshoot would be much harder to do when Rainbow's a toddler. Getting a photo where both you and your 1-year-old have open eyes and aren't making a silly face is like finding a four-leaf clover. It's damn near impossible.

So, good for Holly and her photoshoot. She looks great and her little one is absolutely adorable. Both of these ladies will cherish these photos for years to come. And perhaps when Rainbow is older, she'll do something similar with her daughter.

Do you have good pics of you and your baby?

Image via Splash

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